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  • Minggu, 04 September 2011

    Gratis Buku Cara Membuat Gitar Terlengkap

    Gratis Buku Cara Membuat Gitar Terlengkap
    Berikut saya sharing lagi buat teman-teman yang pengen mengetahui dan mencoba membuat gitar sendiri :) atau cuma pengen tahu cara membuat gitar yang selama ini kita mainkan heheheheeeeee.....
    Mulai dari penghitungan secara Mathematics, pemilihan kualitas kayu, cara pengerjaan dan masih banyak lagi...

    cekidot \m/
    This book is aimed at folks interested in building instruments who play the guitar themselves or who would like to surprise a son, a daughter, a grandchild or someone else. It explains step by step, with almost 600 photos and more than 100 illustrations, how to build an electric guitar. As for tools, huge investments are not required. If the wood has been adequately prepared in a joiner's workshop, no tools other than the amateur woodworking tools are needed.

    As a reward for working with great care and precision everybody will in the end have a good-quality and attractive-looking instrument to call their own. I would even go so far as to claim that a home-made electric guitar can well compete with expensive, industrially-manufactured makes; after all you can afford to select the best wood available, to buy high-quality hardware and to tailor the instrument to fit your personal requirements. And, what's more, you can afford to invest a lot of time.

    The special relationship with "your" guitar that you are going to enjoy is something which will hardly ever be experienced with a bought instrument

    Free Download - BuildingGuitarsNew

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