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  • Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

    Free Guitar Wheel Instructions Books

    Pictured here is the Guitar Side of the Guitar Wheel showing the key of G major. Rotate the white Key Selector to study any key. The Guitar Wheel has two sides: the Guitar Side and the Piano Side. Each side is divided into sections further broken down by diagrams and colors. The Guitar Side is designed like a curved fretboard map of the guitar, while the Piano Side is designed to be useful for any musician. Use the Guitar Wheel to help you discover the patterns and basic principles of music theory. Study each section with confidence that it will reinforce and reveal more of the wonderful mystery of music theory to you. The more you look at a diagram or a side of the Guitar Wheel™, the more its depth will begin to pop out at you.

     FREE DOWNLOAD Guitar Wheel Instructions PDF

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